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Sant Antoni 365: The Ultimate Year-Round Travel Destination

News Roundup

5 Things You Need To Know

– The Sant Antoni Town Council has participated in the tourism fair Fitur 2024 to promote the campaign ‘Sant Antoni 365. A sun all year round’, aiming to position the town as a year-round destination.
– The campaign focuses on promoting the town in northern Spain leveraging the direct air connections between Ibiza and these regions throughout the year.
– A new promotional initiative titled ‘Sant Antoni, a place to celebrate’ has been launched by the Mayor, Marcos Serra, and the Tourism Councillor, Miguel Tur, to highlight the beauty of Sant Antoni’s Mediterranean lifestyle and the diverse experiences it offers.
– The Town Council has also introduced the official Tourism website ‘Visit Sant Antoni’ and hiking routes as part of its efforts to promote tourism diversification.
– Sant Antoni has also participated in the presentation of the Ibiza Pride 2024 event and the sponsorship of cycling events, aiming to promote LGTBI tourism and sports tourism. Meetings were also held with various tour operators, agencies, and tourism journalists during the fair.

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