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Unveiling Barcelona’s New Generation of DJs: Hola Sundays!

News Roundup:

5 Things You Need To Know:

– Hola Sundays! is returning to Barcelona on November 12th at Hotel Ocean Drive Barcelona. The event will feature vinyl buying, selling, and exchanging, as well as free masterclasses and workshops with artists and producers.
– The event will showcase a lineup of local and international artists at the Ocean Drive’s hall.
– The first Hola Sundays! in 2023 provided a platform for 8 new artists to showcase their talent and demonstrate the future of electronic music in Barcelona.
– Some of the featured DJs include Aaron Bleck, Alex Silva, Archi-Tech, Xavi Pinós, Niixii, Ana Wolf, Anna Gisbert, and Lisa Rose, who share their inspirations, dreams of performing, and experiences at Hola Sundays.
– Hola Sundays! and Fiesta&Bullshit are currently holding a contest to discover the new DJ talents of Barcelona, aiming to support and promote the local and national music scene.

You can find more information about the contest and its rules here.

Unleash Your Inner Creature: Join Yaz XL for a Radioactive Blowout Dinner at The Standard, Ibiza

News Roundup

A Halloween dinner event called Radioactive Beach, hosted by Yaz XL and her creatures, will take place at Jara restaurant in The Standard, Ibiza. The event promises a night filled with eerie scenes, including mutated creatures and a live DJ, creating a unique and memorable experience.

5 Things You Need To Know

  • London artist and designer Yaz XL is partnering with The Standard, Ibiza to host a Halloween dinner event called Radioactive Beach.
  • The event will take place on Tuesday, October 31st, at the hotel’s signature restaurant, Jara.
  • The dinner will feature Yaz XL’s silicone mutation creations, sculptures, and fashion, along with a live DJ.
  • Guests can expect to see mutated creatures, fish with ten eyes, and human muses dressed in extraordinary costumes.
  • The menu for the event will include regular offerings as well as terrifying additions, with a color-changing cocktail to suit the theme of the night.

PP Rally in Ibiza Slams Sánchez Government in Protest

News Roundup

5 Things You Need To Know

– The People’s Party of Ibiza held a large event on the Conté Rosselló pedestrian street.
– Local mayors signed a manifesto “in defence of equality” as a measure against Pedro Sanchez’s government.
– Many PP members and allies were present, as well as some former public officials and supporters.
– Despite being a PP event, there were no representatives of the Vox party. Spanish flags were not visible, but some attendees had them with them.
– Tension arose when a woman made derogatory remarks during the event.

Unforgettable Moments at Ibiza’s Wild Corner 2023!

News Roundup

5 Things You Need To Know

– The Wild Corner at Hï Ibiza was a popular hotspot on the island during the summer of 2023.
– The venue hosted a ‘Support Your Local Artists’ event, featuring different artists throughout the season.
– Artists such as Wally Lopez, Manuel Grandi, and Maxinne performed at the venue.
– The success of the events has organisers already looking forward to the 2024 season.
– The music and energy of the island were brought to the Wild Corner through these events.